Welcome to Aeroplanet (India).
Aeroplanet (India) was created in year 2005 for imparting Air Travel Safety, etiquette and sports recreation training to Schools, Colleges, Groups and MNCS in safe, enclosed and environment friendly area.

For this purpose Aeroplanet (India) collaborated with Center for Civil Aviation Training, Govt. of India approved aviation institute, which has positioned two big jet airplanes Airbus A 300 & CRJ 200 in Dwarka, New Delhi. It is unique project launched for the first time in India where people of all age group can board the real airplanes & prepare for safe Air Travel and learn how to use the safety belt, life jacket, oxygen mask. The people can avail the rarest opportunity to see the cockpit. A large number of people particularly children from in and outside India have visited the aircrafts and enjoyed passenger cabins and cockpits. The ambience of the aircrafts gives a real air travel feel as air hostesses and flight stewards serve in air-conditioned passenger cabin. This project got name in Limca Book of Record in Jan 2005. This was also covered by most TV channels, leading newspapers and magazines of India and abroad.

Now the recreation picnic program at the Aeroplanet (India) campus has been enhanced. Each activity is full of fun and adventure. The program is combination of Air Travel safety, outdoor & indoor sports recreation activities. Besides fun, the program designed at Aeroplanet (India) aims at team building and social skill development. The campus is centrally located at Dwarka (Near Metro station Sector-8 & Sector-9) New Delhi.